Who We Are

Krishiinet's Click2Connect licensed as Krishiinet Infocom Private Limited Company, under Department of Telecommunications, is an evolutionary telecommunications company offering superior unified communications solutions to businesses and homes, around the world. Established by the industry experts having decades of unparalleled experience in communications technology, our company is built on strong fundamentals of robust architecture and reliable infrastructure, bringing groundbreaking communications solutions to the Indian demography.

With an aim to provide industry best communications solutions at an affordable time-space and budget allocations, Krishiinet promises top trade quality assurances with state of the art infrastructure and sophisticated equipment designed to perform at peak loads and incessant traffic, owing to an incredible research and architectural planning.

Our USP lies in customization and personalization, designed to adapt clients’ needs and requirements. We realize our clients' communications framework, assess their potential short and long-term benefits based on the communications technology they choose for a high ROI factor and productivity factor tied to the business communications network.

Krishiinet pitches itself as a dynamic and evolving organization, run by a team of experts pledged to offer committed and guaranteed communications framework for your business.

Our Vision & Mission


We are customer centric Internet service provider, committed to innovate and dedicated to enhance the quality of service we serve.


  • Sterling customer experience
  • Excellent global management standard
  • Refined future-proof solution
  • Value to all stake holders
  •  Innovative and cost effective solution
  • Certainty on highest uptime
  • Ensure healthy work environment


Our mission is to be a market leader wherever we are present and enrich the customer experience.

  • Create robust network
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Set new benchmark in operational excellence
  • Training on most advanced technology
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Maximize uptime
  • Expert service delivery
  • Respect valued customers

Our Strengths

Multiple Up stream with International Gateway Providers

Krishiinet is happy to have tied up with Multiple International Gateway Providers and has redundant Up Streams tied up with Airtel & Tata Communications which helps us achieve best path to International Routes.

Redundant Up Stream At Last Mile 

While we understand that fiber cuts are inevitable, our team has provided all Gated Communities with Multiple up-link for redundancy. If our fiber connectivity goes down, we ensure to bring you back online through our RF links wirelessly.

Google Peering

We are happy to announce having peered with Google Directly to get their content on our network, which reduces the latency to all Google Related Sites.

Why Choose Us


High Speed Internet

Krishiinet is an Ultra-High Speed broadband service, with the fiber reaching your neighbourhood. While your conventional broadband provider struggles to offer speeds beyond 4 Mbps, Krishiinet offers super lightning speed plans starting from 10 Mbps and soaring all the way to 200 Mbps. Faster Speeds mean More Entertainment, More Work, More Productivity. More Time. More Fun.


Uploading Selfies Has never been this Quick

Your Broadband Service Provider never told that Upload Speed of your ADSL Connection is low . Go ahead, ask your service provider what upload speed it offers. And even ask, what the “A” in “ADSL” means. Better still, just do a speedtest on your connection to find out the stark truth. Krishiinet offers you the right speed you need for uploading videos and sharing photos!


Bandwidth For Multiple Smart Devices

Bet your internet needs are not just confined to a single PC/ Laptop anymore. You probably have a few Wi-Fi capable Smartphones and some tabs in your family. Maybe an Internet-connected Gaming Console! And a Smart TV/ Smart TV Box is arriving soon!! Will your old stodgy broadband connection be able to handle all these? Probably Not. Choose the right speed with Krishiinet and satisfy the ‘Need for Speed’ of your multiple devices.


Unlimited Bandwidth: “No Bill Shock” Plans

Krishiinet’s attractive plans are all Unlimited Usage “No Bill Shock” Plans. To be fair to everyone, we need to reduce the speed if your usage crosses the liberal limits that you choose for yourself. But we do have options to TOP-UP your exhausted usage. Considering our competitors, we bet you'll never run short of GB's.